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Personal Training

1-2-1 PT sessions are one of the best ways to get the most for the time you have to exercise. Training with a professional enables you to stay motivated, learn as you go and ensure every effort is in the right direction.

Courses and Seminars

Book one to one of my current courses or seminars including the highly popular Learn to Lift, the eight week Better Body Challenge and the 'Let's Talk' nutrition series.

Nutrition & Exercise Plans

Following the latest buzz diet or routine in a magazine will most likely not be right for you. This is why I provide bespoke nutrition plans and exercise programmes based on your body type, goals and lifestyle.


My advice, tips and rants on all things health and fitness related. These posts are designed to empower you on the way to achieving your goals and make the process easier and faster. Education is power after all!

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Personal Training

The answer is simple get results and get them quicker! But if you need anymore convincing :

  1. ​83% of people are satisfied with the results they get with a PT.
  2. ​​My priority is your goals.
  3. ​Your sessions are designed to make every effort count.
  4. ​​Train with a friendly but firm female trainer.
  5. ​You are what you eat! Nutrition coaching is always included.
  6. You will be supported outside of the gym if motivation wavers.

Bespoke Workout Plans

I come across individuals who possess the motivation to workout without support. These people don't need a trainer but can benefit from a prescribed workout plan to help them hit their goals quicker.

I provide these plans to clients I see on a six week basis, offering revisions as their body changes. This can be all that's needed for many self-motivated people. If you feel you could benefit from your own individual plan, contact me so we can discuss the next steps to a better you.