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Mother, Fitness Manager, Coach

My Story.

I am a Coach, Gym Manager, Mother and someone who has been called 'Fat' in a former life.

I love training people to drop fat, get stronger and feel better. I am crazily passionate about health and fitness and living a better life. To me, coaching people is not a job as I love what I do!

What I also pride myself on is understanding. I was formerly 15 stone and a size 18, taunted in bars as fat.

I, like many formerly overweight people, have had to work hard to dig myself out of that hole. I used to have a stressful city job, a diet of pastries and shop bought sandwiches, boozy weekends and little clue about exercising for results, I then had two beautiful children and my body changed forever.

That history has forced me to learn how to achieve results when lifestyle and diet are not in your favour. I share this knowledge and use it to support my clients. I can sympathise when you get frustrated or only see brick walls.

Fast forward to today

I now manage a busy gym of around 4,000 members, advising on exercise and nutrition on a daily basis. I run circuit classes and courses for lifting weights and eating right which are often oversubscribed. I have been approached by ElleSport and MaxiNutrition and now act as an ambassador for these leading brands. Most recently, I featured ina Women's Health Inspiring Stories telling my story, spoke at the UK’s biggest Fitness Festival, was interviewed by BBC Radio about my experiences and will feature in Women’s Health Australia this year.

Health and fitness is a discipline that is always evolving and, as such, I'm always learning. I'll never tire of educating myself and others on how to live a healthier, fuller and better life through exercise and nutrition. Join me for training sessions, seminars or on social media so I can help you get started on that journey. It's what I do best!

Aldine x